The Front Vision® transparent security shutter consists of anodised aluminium hinges and transparent polycarbonate windows. The transparency level of this security shutter lays around 80 per cent.

Because polycarbonate is 250 times as strong as glass of the same thickness, the transparent security shutter is very solid and can be perfectly used for security purposes.

During the development of Front Vision® transparent security shutter, the following requirements have been taken into account:

- Suitability for security policies
- Suitability for protection of counters, greenhouses, passages, windows, shops, door, etc.
- Suitability for machine separation
- As much transparency as possible
- A beautiful design feature
- Compact winding diameter
- Minimization of maintenance and easy replacement of the shutter parts
- Flexible installation options

The hinges, slats and guides are all made of anodised aluminium which gives the shutter a stunning look. If desired, all parts can be powder coated in a RAL colour of your choice.

The combination of the design features and the security aspects, has made many committees and bodies decide to implement the transparent shutter to their plans. Besides the normal full clear transparent shutter, it is possible to add anodised aluminium slats to the curtain. In this way, for example, viewing windows can be created. It is also an option to order a shutter with only anodised aluminium slats.