Type of shutter: LP55 Shutter

Operation and Maintenance Manual De Leeuw Shutter

- Warnings
- General Description
- Control
- Description Manual Control
- Maintenance
- Exchanging Tubular Motor


- Never use the shutter when a person or object is located under the shutter.
- Never place objects under the shutter.
- Usage of the shutter may only occur by persons who are qualified and who have read the operating manual.
- De Leeuw Ltd is not responsible for damage and/or injuries caused by insufficient maintenance, not following the instructions of this manual and modifications/repairs of the shutter executed by thirds.

General Description

The Front Security LP 55 Shutter is a standard 'single curtain' shutter, working on a 230V tubular motor, with a possibility of entering a maximum of two (2) ending-points.
shutters system


- Control of the shutter may only be executed by authorised personnel.
- Before usage of the shutter, make sure the situation is safe and no objects or persons are located under the shutter.
- Always keep visual contact with the shutter when operating the shutter.
- Do not use the shutter unnecessary.
- Passage of luggage may only take place when the shutter is completely opened.

The electrical control units, necessary for shutters, are not provided by De Leeuw Ltd.
For specifications in operation manual, contact the supplier of the electric control De Leeuw Ltd.

Description Manual Control

In case of a power failure or malfunction of the engine, it is possible to control the shutter by manual control. The following step should be followed when using the manual control:
1 - Take the supplied crank and stick the end of the crank through the 'eye' which is attached to the engine.
2 - Turn the crank into the desired direction.


Maintenance may only be executed by an authorized person. We strongly recommend to execute maintenance 2 times a year.

During maintenance, the following actions should be executed:
- Check of the attachments and constructions of the side plates (consoles) and the engine.
- Check of wear at the beatings and lubrication of the bearings.
- Check of wear at the guide rubbers.
- Check if there are any visible damages at the outside of the (complete) shutter.
- Lubrification of the guides.
- Adjustments of the engine stops (if necessary).
- Execution of small repairs.

In case pf damage or dysfunction of the shutter, please contact De Leeuw Ltd.

Exchanging Tubular Motor

In case of motor-failure or dysfunction of the tubular motor, the motor can be exchanged.

For exchanging the tubular motor, the following actions should be executed:

- Send curtain completely up (open).
- Remove enclosure.
- Make sure that the rolled up curtain is completely supported.
- Remove screws in the console (on motor-side) to disconnect the mountingplate of the tubular motor.
- Make sure that the pin on the other side of the shaft (side of the bearing) is shoved in, so it's free of the bearing.
- Now remove the complete shaft (with curtain and motor) to a mounting table, which is large enough for unfolding the curtain.
- Unfold curtain so shaft becomes visible.
- Disconnect the motor from the shaft (motor is attached to shaft with screw or pop rivet).
- Remove motor from the shaft.
- Replace with new tubular motor, and attach it to shaft like before.
- Now reassemble the shutter by working these steps in reverse order.

In case of a dysfunctional motor, please contact De Leeuw Ltd.
We will send you the appropriate tubular motor within two weeks.
When dysfunction occurs within the one-year long warranty, the tubular motor will be sent to you free of charge.