The FRONT SECURITY CHECK-IN SHUTTER conveyor shutter has been developed to prevent unauthorized individuals to enter the luggage 'airside' luggage areas via the conveyor belts.

Security is a major issue at most airports and it is there the more astounding that most check-in areas are what can only be described as 'open doors' to the airside operations of the airport.

System shutters for luggage

If no flights are leaving or no luggage is being checked-in, these positions are not manned and anybody is free to crawl  through and find  themselves ‘airside’. Need we say more…?

Small flappy plastic strips hang in the openings through which suitcase go into the baggage handling area. This baggage are is supposed to be a secure area as from there one has free access to the rest of the airfield behind security.

Check-in shutter can be operated in many different ways; a simple push buttom in a locked cabinet, a simple key operated switch or fully automatic which operates the shutter a moment or two before the conveyor belt starts to roll. It will then shut automatically when the conveyor belt stops.

The check-in conveyor shutter of Front Security is based on the B60 aluminium folding gate, The check-in conveyor shutter is adjusted to the rails of the conveyor by creating coves at the bottom slat. The bottom slat is equipped with polyethylene at all the edges of the coves. The check-in conveyor shutter has been designed in cooperation with the Technical Department of Airport of Paris, ADP.

All of our products are made to measure. Prices depend on the measurements of the shutter and the desired options (e.g. enclosures, control options and security devices).

How serious do U.K. airports take security? VERY SERIOUS!

If that is the case then why do most airports still have no security at check-in counters? Suitcases that roll on the little conveyor belt go through an opening in the wall which in most cases is only protected by a plastic or polyethylene flappy curtain. When check-in counters are not in use, who is there to stop anybody from crawling through these 'flappy' curtains and become 'airside'? This is a serious security risk.

Once in the baggage handling area anybody can have free and unencumbered access to most operations areas 'airside' of the airport, an area that is otherwise protected by heavy security arrangements.

The consequences? Just imagine...

Developed in conjunction with Airport of Paris, FrontSecurity have developed a shutter system preventing the above from happening and tightening up on a serious security loophole.

The System can be operated in many different ways; a simple push buttom 'airside', a key operated switch or automated where the shutter is raised a moment before the conveyor belt starts to roll and comes down again when the belt

baggage shutters

The aluminium sections of the system can be anodised or powder coated to any colour in order to match the decor, Airlines or Airport's logo's can be used on the system to further corporate identity

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