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De Leeuw Ltd Airport Passenger Safety Shutters

De Leeuw Ltd specialise in Airport passenger security shutters and safety gates.

Other areas of expertise are in shading systems for Air Traffic Control Towers and solar glare control, shading hardware and material solutions using optical and thermal reflector technology.

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De Leeuw Ltd are the sole UK distributor for Front Security Shutters.

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Sequential Shutters Passenger Boarding Bridges

Sequential Safety Shutters

The passenger boarding bridge sequential safety shutter found its origin and is based on the principles of the Front Vision Transparent Shutter System.

Front Security has manufactured and delivered many hundreds of sequential safety shutters for passenger boarding bridges around the World and many more are being manufactured as you read this page.

The Sequential Passenger Boarding Bridge Shutter has been developed in cooperation with the technical department of Aeroport de Paris, ADP. The shutter consists of two parts connected with heavy-duty straps, and opens in two stages. At first, when the operator opens the upper part of the ‘curtain’, the lower part remains in place. During maneuvering of the bridge towards the plane, the lower part of the curtain functions as a safety barrier. When the bridge is close enough to the plane, the lower part can easily be opened and ground-crew and passengers can come through.

The sequential shutter is designed as a replacement of the existing shutter or door. It makes sure the operator has a clear view of what happens around and in front of him/her. Now the operator has the possibility to wait until the last moment before he/she opens the shutter. During the process, the operator will be well protected against all weather conditions.

The transparent shutter is equipped with safety devices that prevent any pinching of feet, hands and fingers when the shutter is opened and closed. We can also supply the shutter with an automatic control unit with only two buttons for full control of all functions.

The shutters are basically constructed of aluminium and polycarbonate. For the hinges, we use high quality extruded and anodized aluminium. The guides and the enclosure are made of light grey anodised aluminium.

The see-through windows are made of polycarbonate, named Durolon® VR 2200, with special additives which protect against chemical solutions and also a UV stabilizer. After several years, the light transmittance of the window will still be 90% of the original value (89%).

All of our products are made to measure. Prices depend on the measurements of the shutter and the desired options (e.g. enclosures, control options and security devices).

Please call us on +44(0)1989 750005 or email info@deleeuw-ltd.co.uk for further information and/or to arrange for visit by our safety consultant.

Shutter fully open

Shutter opening but operator stays safe behind lower section

Lower sections opening

Orly Airport - shutter closed

Shutter - Edinburgh Airport